Whale Watching at Icy Straight Point in Hoonah Alaska  - small groups, flexible itinerary and incredible drone footage as a souvenir.


State of the Art Drone Photography

Our drones were ruggedly designed for search-and-rescue applications in extreme weather, so we will be able to fly under almost any circumstances except extremely heavy rain.

We do not replace your view of the whales with the drones; rather, we supplement it. You will experience all the wonder and joy of seeing and hearing these animals with your own eyes and ears, and then we’ll take you to the next level with our onboard displays.

These will show you exactly what the drone is seeing, as if you were flying in it yourself. With the zoom features of the cameras, we can make you see the animals as if you were floating right above them, watching them breathe and feed, while in reality we are hundreds of feet away!

This approach creates an absolutely minimal impact on these animals, as they will never even know we were there, getting you incredible views of them in their most natural and undisturbed state.

There are sometimes, however, weather circumstances that would prevent us from putting up the drones, namely constant rain. We cannot fly these devices in full-downpours as they are not totally waterproof, but it’s a rare tour that doesn’t give us some window of opportunity to view from the drone. We estimate that on average, we are able to fly them over ninety-five percent of our tours.

What makes our whale watching tour unique is our use of drone photography and giving our guests a very unique souvenir to take home!

Souvenir Video

This unique souvenir video is copied onto a USB Flash Drive before we dock. It will have all the drone video feed from your tour on it. Whatever whales, bears, sea lions, orca or anything else that we see out there on your trip - all of it will be on this USB Souvenir flash drive. Formatted to MP4, this should be playable on most computers. If yours doesn't have the correct software, once you get home you can "Google" how to download an MP4 Codec for free.

We also will have a video of you and your group on the boat and include it on the USB, and we include some of our favorite videos from the season so far! Each USB will have around 8MB worth of HD wildlife videos, usually about 25 minutes of footage, from your day and the past season. We will make one of these for each group we have on board while we're bringing the boat back in, so it should be ready to go by the time we hit the dock! If anyone wants multiple USBs to share with family, these are available for purchase, just let us know so we can have them ready for you!