Whale Watching at Icy Straight Point in Hoonah Alaska  - small groups, flexible itinerary and incredible drone footage as a souvenir.

Humpback Whales

"Gentle Giants"

The main feature of our whale watching tours, the humpback whale is a large, 38-56 foot creature. They migrate to the Hoonah area of Alaska to feed on the plentiful amounts of herring, krill, zooplankton and other small schooling fish that we have here in Hoonah. These are the maneuverable whales, using the strongest tails and the largest pectoral fins in nature to turn and chase foods in the ever-changing tidal currents around the islands and reefs that make up Southeast Alaska.

Their fascinating behaviors and antics have wowed whale-watchers for years the world over, and now with our drones, Alaska Whale & Drone Tours can get a much better view of them than ever before!

After logging several hundred whale-watching trips in Icy Strait, Captain Josh has never failed to find at least one Humpback Whale, usually several, along with regular sightings of porpoise, sea otter, and sea lions!

Orca are magnificent creatures