Whale Watching at Icy Straight Point in Hoonah Alaska  - small groups, flexible itinerary and incredible drone footage as a souvenir.


Icy Strait Alaska is home to some of the most abundant wildlife in Southeast Alaska

In addition to whales, our area features high populations of Sea Otters, Steller Sea Lions, Dall Sheep, Harbor Porpoise and seabirds, as well as a large population of bald eagles and grizzly bears. The unparalleled wildlife is the main reason for Captain Josh’s selection of this area for his boat tours, and the friendliness of the inhabitants is the main reason for his choice to call Hoonah his home.

Steller Sea Lions
During our boat tours, Steller Sea Lions are a common sight, either swimming in the water or hauled out on one of the marker buoys we have out in Icy Strait. Their curious nature and relaxed demeanor make them a popular highlight. The largest of the Sea Lion family, the females and adolescents are usually between 600 to 900lbs, and some of the dominant males grow to reach an excess of 2000lbs.

Sea Otter
Another abundant animal in Icy Strait, these medium-sized animals are spotted on almost every tour. A bit shyer than the Sea Lions, they still frequently allow a few minutes for pictures to be taken. Boasting the finest fur in the world, with over a million hairs per square inch in places, these animals maintain warmth in these frigid water with their fur and with their high-speed metabolism. Commonly found between sixty and a hundred pounds, these females and juveniles are most frequently spotted in kelp-beds, while the males prefer to float out in open water.