Whale Watching at Icy Straight Point in Hoonah Alaska  - small groups, flexible itinerary and incredible drone footage as a souvenir.


Alaska Whale and Drone Tours offers an incredible added bonus to their tours!

Not only will our guests be thrilled by incredible sightings of majestic humpback whales and even orcas, they will have the unique opportunity of taking home an "unusual" souvenir. Embracing today's drone technology while taking care not to disturb natural whale patterns, we download our drone footage shortly after docking. You can obtain an immediate copy for an extremely reasonable price - this is a souvenir like no other! What we see through the images taken by our drone is simply incredible and can't be obtained by normal photography while standing on the deck of any boat! Read more about our drones and drone photography!

Our Tours

Our boat carries up to 14 passengers, offering a very personalized trip for our guests.

Standard 3 Hour Tour

3-hour whale watch tour - $199 a person + taxes and fees.

Custom Tours

Is our standard 3-hour tour not quite what you’re looking for? Do you desire more or less time on the water, more time pursuing a specific goal, or perhaps transport to another location from Hoonah? Custom tour options are available by phone call.

Recommended clothing: Dress warmly and in layers, so if you do get too warm you can remove one. Even if it’s warm on the shore, a little wind makes for a cold day on the water, so it’s always better to have warm clothes and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Captain Josh truly enjoys sharing incredible whale sightings with his guests!

What to Expect on our 3 hour tour

You will be met at a gathering place in Hoonah from where you will then be picked up by our transportation partner, Hoonah Travel Adventures, and driven you to our dock a few minutes away, where you will board our tour boat.

Once on board, we will head out towards popular areas where there have been whale sightings on that particular day. Our most frequent sightings will be of the majestic humpbacks who frequent the waters around Hoonah.

Once we reach the area where the humpbacks are entertaining visitors, you will have lots of opportunities to take amazing photos and videos of these incredible animals, often with young in tow. The experience is very awe-inspiring! After you get plenty of viewing time from the boat, we will add to that viewing by putting the drone up, so you can see the whales from BOTH perspectives!

If we hear of other sightings of wildlife in the vicinity, such as Orcas, or more Humpbacks, we will also move on to those other spots, again in order to give our guests as many chances as possible to see these beautiful creatures.

Souvenir Video

As the only charter boat in the Hoonah area to offer drone footage of whale sightings during your tour, this souvenir is unique and will truly enhance your experience!

USB whale footage drives now come free with the tour, one per group. More can be purchased at $25 each.